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Circuibras’ new type of prototypes

To meet a new market segment, Circuibras is launching a new type of Single Face, Double Face and 4 Multilayer boards, in order to meet the demand for FUNCTIONAL application prototypes.


This is a new type created by Circuibras to fulfill requirements of a specific market. In this category, the Gerber files do not undergo a Critical Analysis Project (Engineering Dept.). In case of adjustments, Circuibras will proceed according to MA- to suit the project. Circuibras will not store photolithography, diagrams or any physical and/or electronic documentation of this model.

Characteristics of functional prototypes only.



  • Lower cost;
  • Shorter time of delivery;
  • Fixed prices;
  • Circuit board will be manufactured exactly as your Gerber files;
  • Electrical Test on 100% of the plates.


This kind includes a detailed Critical Analysis of the Gerber files. The customer will receive a report with proposals for improvements to optimize their layout increasing the quality of their product. Any change will take place only after the customer’s written agreement.



  • Technical documentation will be prepared for mass production;
  • Panelization to reduce costs (on request);
  • Customer’s specifications and/or IPC International Standards will be adopted;
  • Documentation to meet IPC Class 2 or Class 3 requirements;
  • Full Critical Analysis of the Gerber files;
  • Technical support of specialized engineers with extensive know-how;
  • Use of specific software for simulations and Stackup’s calculations for projects with impedance control (on request).


Further information?  Contact us and request your quote now!

Besides strictly meeting your technical needs, Circuibras wants you and your company to enjoy greater tranquillity and security in the supply of printed circuit boards for your products. Therefore, Circuibras offers special conditions to meet your needs and requirements at all stages of development and production of your products, from prototypes and small orders to large­scale production and scheduled deliveries.

Circuibras has the greatest FLEXIBILITY in production to fulfill your order, regardless of the complexity of your project, we are able to produce your boards from high­quality raw materials, strictly in accordance with dimensional and electrical characteristics, and surface finish that your project commercial area and inquire about your case: 55 41 3314 9000

Delivery in 10 days – No seasonality ­-

The ZERO WAITING LINE plan has a delivery time guarantee of 10 week days counting down from receipt of the complete documentation, regardless of market seasonality. Get more information from our commercial department.

Gain agility and competitiveness with scheduled deliveries

The plan Scheduled Program offers guarantee of delivery of regular and identical items in the quantities and dates previously scheduled by the customer, and also discounts. Learn more from our commercial department.

Get your prototypes in half the time and develop faster.

Production orders placed under the PR50 plan conditions will be delivered in half the current delivery time after acceptance of the quotation by the customer. Important: The PR50 plan has limited service capacity, and should be consulted in advance. Learn more from our commercial department.

Ask for a special quotation for your case now and check the advantages of being supplied by Circuibras. Please contact us through our  contact page, or call +55 (41) 3314-9000.