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Circuibras has more than 30 years in the evolution, meeting the various demands of the market for new technologies and special conditions for supplying  printed circuit boards of high complexity.
Throughout this trajectory, we have built a strong relationship with our customers and suppliers. We have  empowered our employees and developed new marketing formats,  as well as  investing in technology and productivity.
Today  we reaffirm our values and objectives, with the certainty that we are building solutions with responsibility and sustainability in order to promote and strengthen national industry and its products in the face of competitive technological changes in the global scenario for the next 30 years.


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Order here the price for the production of their printed circuit boards , and ensure right from the advantages of producing your project with Circuibras:

Total guarantee of the plates, 100 % electrically tested;
The best raw materials and special finishes;
special plans to supply prototypes and regular production.


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